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Dermaclara Siliconefusion 5" Body Patch

Dermaclara Siliconefusion 5" Body Patch

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Reusable Occlusion Patches use scientifically proven technology to treat and prevent the appearance of stretch marks & scars for all parts of the body. Our patches lock in hydration and pull moisture from deep within the skins layers to regulate collagen production, smooth uneven skin tone, & encourage healing.

We designed our 5" body patch specifically to target treatment areas such as: Breasts, under breast, arms, armpits, chest, thighs, glutes, sides, etc...

  • Regulates collagen production for smoother looking skin
  • Enhances skin appearance by increasing skin moisture levels
  • Patches are reusable and can be worn 15 - 30 times
  • Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic

Occlusion Patches™are the most natural and effective way to deliver extra moisture to your skin to prevent new stretch marks and treat old ones.

Patch can be used up to 30 times.


  • (1) 5" Body Occlusion Patch™

Apply our reusable silicone body patches for1-9 hours each night to prevent & treat Stretch Marks, Scars, & Loose Skin.Our scientifically proven, 100% medical grade silicone patches, naturally boost and retain moisture to tighten fine lines and reduce wrinkles.

Each patch isreusable up to 30 times!

Occlusion Patches™- 100% medical grade silicone

A third-party clinical evaluation of 65 women in August 2016 found that our reusable silicone patches assisted with the following:

  • Visible improvement of fine lines & wrinkles around eyes - 83.87%
  • Visible improvement of fine lines & wrinkles around mouth - 77.42%
  • Visible improvement of fine lines & wrinkles around forehead - 85.48%
  • Visible improvement of fine lines & wrinkles around chest - 91.94%
  • Younger looking skin - 87.10%
  • Smoother skin - 90.32%
  • Softer skin - 87.10%
  • Prefer silicone patches over any other anti-aging treatments (injections & surgery) - 90.32%

All tests were conducted by BioScreen® Testing Services (FDA & DEA Registered * ISO 9001 Certified)

Follow our recommended tips & you will be able to reuse your patches up to 30 times.

1.Slowly peel patches off.

2.Rinse patches with warm water.

3.Apply patch prep to remove any oils or dry, dead skin.

4.Rinse again with warm water.

5.Allow to air dry.

6.Place patches sticky side down on the textured side of the backing card and place in resealable pouch.

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